How was everyone’s Thanksgiving if you celebrate it? Mine was OK. We had a lot of food left over and I ate way too much as normal. Black Friday at work sucked, though. People came in, and they were rude too :\ I don’t understand people sometimes. Why be rude to people who are your cashiers or food makers? It doesn’t make sense to me. Since I started working at fast food, I have been a lot more patient, which is good. I’m hardly ever patient lol.

Besides that I’ve just been working. I plan on teaching myself how to make HTML/CSS layouts here soon. I have been experimenting in Photoshop with designing, so I am going to start displaying some stuff soon. Most of it is based on my role-play accounts, so I have pictures for them. I am also teaching myself to make actions and .psd’s for me and my good friend’s Premade Site on Rp.me

I will try to update more in the future. I got to head to bed now, so I hope everyone has a good night!

xoxo, Hearts Light



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